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On The Brink with Castle Island

Sep 24, 2021

Nic and Matt return for another week of news and deals. In this episode: 

  • Latest on the infrastructure bill
  • The latest on the platinum coin
  • Zany things that financial regulators said this week
  • Gensler continues to misrepresent the free banking era
  • How bad was the wildcat banking era really?
  • Why are financial regulators so interested in free banking?
  • The SEC and CFTC are nearing the end of their fiscal year
  • The prospects for 'pipe to crypto'
  • Why miners are participating in 'demand response' programs
  • Matt's 20-year-old cereal
  • Twitter adds lightning tips and NFT authentication
  • Binance is under CFTC investigation
  • Biden's new OCC nominee is anti-bank, anti-crypto
  • FASB takes comment on GAAP treatment of digital assets

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