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On The Brink with Castle Island

May 23, 2022

Ric Edelman, the founder of Edelman Financial Services and the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals joins the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • Ric’s new book The Truth About Crypto
  • His journey in the digital assets industry
  • The current macro backdrop and how cryptoassets should be considered in a...

May 20, 2022

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode: 

  • Was UST/Terra a ponzi or not?
  • Fintech apps put client deposits into Anchor
  • Tradfi yields are competitive with DeFi yields
  • The GBTC discount reaches its highest ever level at -31% MSM crypto hate reaches a fever pitch
  • The World Bank publishes a...

May 16, 2022

Jon Kol and Asa Oines, cofounders of Abacus join the show to talk about the state of the art in cross chain interoperability. In this episode: 

  • Career trajectories and why Jon and Asa decided to start Abacus 
  • The three eras of interoperability 
  • Asset interoperability vs app based interoperability 
  • Why asset...

May 13, 2022

Matt and Nic cover news and deals of the week. In this episode: 

  • The CIV hat snafu
  • Was synthetic USD on Bitmex the first stablecoin? 
  • Remembering Mastercoin and seigniorage shares stablecoins 
  • Does the Fed have a shadow third mandate? 
  • We break down the Luna situation and why it was destined to fail 
  • Why the subsidized...

May 9, 2022

Mark Lamb, co-founder and CEO of CoinFLEX joins the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • Mark’s entrepreneurial path in the cryptocurrency industry and the insight behind starting CoinFLEX
  • The history and market landscape for crypto derivatives platforms
  • The state of the stablecoin market and how flexUSD is positioning...