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On The Brink with Castle Island

Sep 23, 2020

Jeff Dorman is the CIO at Arca, which is currently engaged in a fascinating standoff with Gnosis, a token project in which they have a position. Arca is asserting that Gnosis has delivered little value to tokenholders and has proposed that they perform a tender offer for GNO tokens with the assets held on their...

Sep 21, 2020

Tom Lombardi, Managing Director at 3iQ Corp, joins the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • Tom’s path from traditional finance to the cryptoasset industry
  • The enterprise blockchain era: lessons learned and the second order effects of the hype cycle
  • The state of institutional exchange infrastructure
  • The...

Sep 18, 2020

Matt and Nic return to cover news of the week. In this episode: 

  • Our review of NFL week 1
  • Whether or not securities law topics come up at parties
  • Why we're so excited about Kraken getting the Wyoming SPDI
  • Why the SPDI being full reserve is so important – and why it eliminates certain regulators from the picture
  • How...

Sep 16, 2020

Today, Kraken Financial, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kraken, became the first financial institution to receive the Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) charter from the State of Wyoming. To celebrate this major milestone, David Kinitsky, CEO of Kraken Financial, and Marco Santori, Kraken CLO, joined us on the...

Sep 14, 2020

Gabriel Shapiro, partner at BSV Law (no relationship to the coin), joins the show to chat securities law, tokenized securities, and the nature of industry regulation. In this episode: 

  • Gabriel's introduction to the crypto industry and Nick Szabo's influence
  • Gabriel's view on what public blockchains are for, most...