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On The Brink with Castle Island

Oct 2, 2023

Matt Hougan, the Chief Investment Officer of Bitwise Asset Management joins the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • The SEC’s approval of Ethereum Futures ETFs
  • Bitwise’s launch of AETH, The Bitwise Ethereum Strategy ETF and BTOP, the Bitwise Bitcoin and Ether Equal Weight Strategy ETF.
  • The current state of play as...

Oct 2, 2023

David Phelps is the co-founder and CEO of jokerace and a prolific writer. He joins the podcast to discuss:

  •  Why tokens are not optimal for effective governance
  •  Alternative ways to incentivize users and distribute decision making power
  •  How we solve for retaining users versus just attracting them
  •  Composability and...

Sep 29, 2023

Matt and Nic return for deals and news. In this episode: 

  • Is AI going to cause unemployment for IB associates?
  • Blockchain based sneakers
  • Tungsten business cards
  • What’s happening with OTB merch?
  • Nic’s Vespa catastrophe
  • Gensler’s HSFC hearing
  • How Gensler is the Tonya Harding of crypto
  • Made up airlines
  • What’s...

Sep 22, 2023

Matt and Nic return for news and deals. In this episode: 

  • We recap the conferences 
  • Nic's Columbia lecture snafu
  • The Bitcoin security budget debate 
  • One theory for what might provide Bitcoin with long term security
  • FTX sues Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried
  • Tether has resumed their lending operations
  • Did SBF's parents...

Sep 21, 2023

Henri Stern, CEO and co-founder of Privy, joins us to discuss:
  • The contradictory functions that wallets serve
  • Offering in-app non-custodial embedded wallets
  • Balancing the trade offs of security versus convenient recovery
  • How customers are customizing their embedded wallet experience
  • The decision to build third...