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On The Brink with Castle Island

Apr 23, 2021

Matt and Nic return for news and deals of the week. In this episode: 

  • 43% capital gains taxes?
  • Are decentralized storage networks reaching fruition
  • Binance US hires ex-Comptroller Brian Brooks
  • Matt's Turkey problem
  • A Turkish exchange apparently exit scams
  • Scott Minerd has a new target for Bitcoin
  • Bernstein isn't worried about Bitcoin's energy consumption
  • Ark Invest thinks Bitcoin is an incentive for renewables
  • How much did Bitcoin hashrate really collapse?
  • What did we learn from the Xinjiang shutdown?
  • Why hashrate is hard to estimate
  • Xinjiang is more renewable than you think

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  • Sovryn, DeFi on Bitcoin
  • Eventus, global leader in trade surveillance, market risk and transaction monitoring solutions