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On The Brink with Castle Island

Dec 31, 2021

Nic and Matt return for the last episode of 2021. In this episode: 

  • Someone makes an unauthorized Nic NFT
  • Microstrategy buys more BTC
  • Blake Masters sells a political NFT
  • Why do gamers and artists hate NFTs?
  • We look back at our 2021 crystal ball predictions
  • Best predictions of 2021
  • Our outlook for crypto policy in...

Dec 27, 2021

Gabe Frank and Robert Masiello, the founders of Arcade, a financial services platform for NFTs join the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • Gabe and Robert’s origin stories in the crypto industry and the path that led them to founded Arcade
  • The similarities in the market structures for bitcoin in the early years and...

Dec 24, 2021

Matt and Nic return for a festive Christmas eve roundup. In this episode: 

  • Reevaluating our intro song
  • Jack Dorsey’s web3 beef
  • What’s on our Christmas list
  • Is PoW inherently high-fee?
  • We steelman the Jack Dorsey and the pro web3 arguments
  • Is there a paradox in web3?
  • We advance a model of tapered token issuance for...

Dec 20, 2021

Anders Larson, head of strategic finance at U.S. Bitcoin Corp, joins us to talk about how miners make decisions and allocate capital. In this episode: 

  • The Wharton class of 2018
  • Are Bitcoin miners clogging up the chip supply chain?
  • Why Bitcoin miners are 'tier 2' customers at foundries
  • The scale of US BTC operations in...

Dec 17, 2021

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode: 

  • A glitch in the CoinMarketCap data feed causes disturbances in the crypto industry 
  • AscendEX is  hacked last week to the tune of $77 million
  • Coinbase urges the SEC to approve NYSE Arca’s application to convert the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust into...