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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jul 1, 2022

Matt and Nic return for the news and deals in another tumultuous week. 

  • Matt is snubbed by Coin Metrics
  • Nic gets sort of cancelled on Twitter by the Bitcoin hardliners
  • Nic is not a Bitcoin Maximalist
  • Is there a positive, non-maximalist vision of Bitcoin?
  • BlockFi update
  • Our case for wallet-based passwordless...

Jun 24, 2022

Matt and Nic return for a fiery episode of deals and news. In this episode: 

  • Is miner selling backed up by the on-chain data? 
  • Is Massachusetts open to pro-crypto legislation? 
  • FTX provides credit support to embattled crypto lenders 
  • Why private market transactions do not constitute bailouts in the pejorative sense
  • Was...

Jun 17, 2022

Nic and Matt are back for a truly chaotic week in the markets. In this episode: 

  • Is DeFi's transparency a vice? 
  • We reconsider the need for a lender of last resort? 
  • We debrief on Consensus
  • How will the Celsius situation resolve?
  • Fidelity doubles down on digital assets
  • Is the Fed trapped by inflation? 
  • Was the Celsius...

Jun 10, 2022

Nic and Matt are back for news and deals of the week. In this episode: 

  • Greetings from a very hot Consensus in Austin
  • Our takeaways from the Lummis/Gillibrand bill
  • What the NY state mining moratorium means for miners
  • The Central African Republic lays out its plans for Project Sango
  • Custodia Bank is suing the Fed for...

Jun 3, 2022

The original roundup cast return for a covid-stricken episode. In this roundup: 

  • The boys are laid low with Covid (again!)
  • Nic recounts his visit to Norwegian parliament
  • Nic recaps the Oslo Freedom Forum
  • Are we on the brink of L2 summer?
  • Former Opensea PM is arrested on wire fraud/insider trading charges
  • Is there an...