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On The Brink with Castle Island

Apr 19, 2021

Nick Neuman, the CEO of multisig software provider Casa, joins the show to discuss how to harden your Bitcoin custody setup. In this episode: 

  • Nick's own journey to Bitcoin and to becoming CEO of Casa
  • Casa's design philosophy
  • The merits of native multisig on Bitcoin
  • Casa's decision to stay Bitcoin-only
  • Nick's experience raising capital as a Bitcoin-only startup
  • Is it easier to be a Bitcoin-only startup today?
  • How complicated is multisig?
  • Why Casa recommends the usage of multiple brands of hardware wallets
  • Why self-custody matters
  • Nick's vision for the future and how private keys will power the decentralized web
  • Nick's responses to common criticisms of Casa
  • The purpose of Casa's new subaccounts feature

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