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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jun 24, 2022

Matt Walsh sits down with BlockFi CEO Zac Prince to cover turmoil in the crypto lending markets and how BlockFi is handling the crisis. In this episode:  

  • Is the contagion among lenders over? 
  • Was Three Arrows excessive risk taking or fraudulent? 
  • BlockFi's relationship with Three Arrows
  • Does BlockFi still have 3AC exposure?  
  • BlockFi's plan to maintain all of their products and keep them operational
  • What differentiates BlockFi's risk management from Celsius 
    • Asset liability matching
    • Duration management 
  • The duration of BlockFi's loans 
  • The structure of the interest account product and why withdrawal periods are up to 7 days 
  • Did regulation work to stem any of the risk in the crypto markets? 
  • Shift from a borrower's market to a lender's market 
  • The effect of capital destruction on interest rates in crypto 
  • Why crypto interest rates are going up
  • BlockFi's deal with FTX 
  • How the crypto lending market will change 
  • Zac's message to BlockFi clients and to the industry

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