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On The Brink with Castle Island

Dec 25, 2020

Nic and Matt return for a special Christmas episode of OTB. In this episode: 

  • Jay Clayton steps down and Elad Roisman takes over as interim SEC Chair
  • We analyse the Treasury's proposed rule on VASPs and crypto transactions
  • Why the FinCEN rule imposes greater demands on crypto transactions than cash as far as surveillance is concerned
  • Are the proposed workarounds between VASPs and defi asset pools viable?
  • Our book recommendation on the politicization of the Treasury
  • Our analysis of the SEC complaint against Ripple
  • How bad is the SEC complaint for Ripple?
  • Some of the most damning quotes from the SEC complaint
  • The significance of the SEC extending the statute of limitations with Ripple
  • Our theory for why the SEC waited so long to sue Ripple
  • Implications for exchanges facilitating the trading of XRP
  • A development on 15c3-3
  • We revisit our predictions for 2020 and issue new predictions for 2021

Content mentioned in this episode: 

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