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On The Brink with Castle Island

Dec 18, 2020

Matt and Nic return to cover a blockbuster week of ATHs. We invite a pseudonymous bond trader to give a rebuttal to our somewhat misguided take on the Microstrategy bond offering on last week's episode. Also in this episode: 

  • Our take on the STABLE Act (again)
  • Are balances on the Dunkin and Starbucks apps stablecoins
  • Paxos raises a $142m Series C
  • SBI acquires B2C2
  • The BITW premium explodes
  • Ruffer's telling reasons for investing $740m in Bitcoin
  • The CME announces ETH futures
  • ... three years to the day since the CME Bitcoin Futures launch
  • Did the CME futures pop the 2017 Bitcoin bubble?
  • We screwed up with our take on the MSTR bond offering
  • We revisit the MSTR convertible note
  • Who is buying the MSTR fixed income offering?
  • Coinbase inches towards an IPO
  • ErisX introduces sports-based futures contracts
  • Why onions aren't a commodity
  • Bitcoin values are American values

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