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On The Brink with Castle Island

Oct 30, 2020

Matt and Nic cover deals and news of the week. In this episode: 

  • Matt's bike is stolen in mysterious circumstances
  • Our top takeaways from the Brian Brooks interview with Laura Shin
  • The state of financial regulation in the US as it pertains to crypto
  • Is the permissioned pseudonymity model of stablecoins sustainable?
  • SoFi's application for a new bank charter approved
  • Why lowering the barrier to entry for new bank charter approvals is so important
  • is there any merit to personal tokens?
  • Avanti gets their SPDI charter approved
  • Why Avanti's Avit stablecoin is so interesting
  • What is the legal enforceability of stablecoin transactions?
  • Accounting and tax questions with stablecoins
  • Coin Metrics partners with KPMG
  • Is the Iranian Central Bank accumulating Bitcoin?
  • Why Iran adopting Bitcoin demonstrates its value proposition
  • FTX offers equities – is it compliant?
  • Is Paypal a Bitcoin Sidechain?

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