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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jun 11, 2021

Nic and Matt are back and recovered from an insane Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami. In this episode: 

  • Our lost roundup from last week
  • Our reflections on Bitcoin 2021
  • Nic reacts to his spaces with President Bukele
  • El Salvador accepts Bitcoin
  • The story behind the 25k attendee Twitter space
  • Does the Salvadorian law change the accounting treatment for Bitcoin in the US?
  • President Bukele's geothermal
  • Where else is the Bitcoinización likely to happen?
  • A new non-aligned movement
  • The Bitcoin Bloc
  • MSTR's new bond offering
  • Basel changes the rules for bank regulatory capital regarding Bitcoin
  • Liz Warren attacks Bitcoin
  • The Bitcoin political demographic grows


  • Recording of Nic's spaces room with President Bukele (and 25,000 others) 

This episode supported by: 

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