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On The Brink with Castle Island

May 27, 2022

Matt returns with CMS Holdings' Dan Matuszewski, filling in for Nic, covering deals and news of the week. In this episode: 

  • Bitcoiners brief Norwegian policymakers
  • History of the BitLicense
  • Circle’s physical BitLicense
  • a16z raises a massive $4.5b fund
  • The effect of VC dry powder on crypto startups
  • Can crypto catch a bid until macro calms down
  • Adam Neumann is back with a blockchain startup
  • FTX attends a heated CFTC roundtable
  • Arthur Hayes gets house arrest and probation
  • Why certain Tether holders will never redeem
  • An unlikely winner from Tether concerns
  • Does shorting Tether make sense?
  • Fallout from Terra’s collapse
  • Are algostables going to exist forever
  • CMS’s Super Pac and reflections on conversations in Washington
  • SBF announces his intention to spend $1B on the 2024 election
  • Scott Minerd is very bearish on Bitcoin
  • What on earth is HEX
  • ETH Merge concerns

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