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On The Brink with Castle Island

Apr 30, 2021

Matt and Nic return for deals of the week, joined for the first time by new member of CIV Ria Bhutoria. In this episode: 

  • An update on Matt's Turkey problem
  • Will Matt create OTB Turkey Jerky?
  • Will Matt tase the Turkeys?
  • Is monetizing stranded natural gas good for the environment?
  • Elon 'proves Bitcoin's liquidity'
  • Elon admits to having a personal Bitcoin position
  • Nexon announces a $100m Bitcoin buy
  • Is US Bank getting into Bitcoin custody?
  • German regulators warn about Binance's equity tokens
  • Do NFTs make sense for collectible card trading game studios?
  • Genesis originates $20b worth of new loans

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  • Sovryn, DeFi on Bitcoin
  • Eventus, global leader in trade surveillance, market risk and transaction monitoring solutions