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On The Brink with Castle Island

Apr 28, 2023

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode: 

What’s the deal with south shore bar pie?

  • We review Consensus in Austin
  • Nic’s 2022 Coin Center dinner incident
  • Nic’s gas siphoning incident
  • First Republic appears heading for collapse
  • Why was First Republic given time to save itself but not Signature?
  • Block partners with Yellowcard for cross-border African payments
  • Open Exchange’s purported investors deny investing in the business
  • Coinbase is setting up operations in Bermuda
  • Coinbase is suing the SEC for clarity
  • Hong Kong embraces banking for crypto firms
  • NYDFS Superintendent Harris denies that crypto caused the Signature collapse
  • The Biden admin is backpedaling on whether crypto contributed to the banking crisis
  • House Republicans probe financial regulators for info on de-banking of crypto
  • The FBI has searched the home of FTX’s Ryan Salame
  • We reminisce on FTX’ Crypto Bahamas conference
  • Why is flare gas mining better than the alternative?
  • Nic’s music royalties situation
  • Nic resolves his differences with the Bitcoin 2023 conference

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Sponsor notes: 

  • Coin Metrics presents State of the Network Foundations: Blockchain Addresses: This week's State of the Network kicked off the new Foundations series, which looks to present various technical aspects of blockchain technology in an approachable way. In the first report, Coin Metrics breaks down the concept of an 'address,' the fundamental unit of identity in the world of crypto.