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On The Brink with Castle Island

Mar 25, 2022

Matt and Nic return for more deals and news. In this episode: 

  • Brink Nation is officially moving to
  • Did blockchains 2.0 make fundamental scaling improvements?
  • Is ESG over?
  • Nic surrenders his eyeball sovereignty to Clear
  • A secret trick to get through the Miami airport
  • Bloomberg analysts think a spot ETF could be approved summer 2023... pending SEC developments
  • Would the SEC have to gain control over crypto exchanges to approve an ETF?
  • Florida will accept corporate taxes in BTC
  • Terra is buying up to $10b in Bitcoin
  • Will seigniorage shares stablecoins ever work?
  • The USD is the unit of account for 99% of all stablecoins
  • Are the Democrats fracturing along crypto lines?
  • Russia mentions accepting Bitcoin for energy payments
  • The NYT repeats the misleading per-transaction energy cost analysis

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