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On The Brink with Castle Island

Mar 24, 2023

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode: 

  • Matt’s turkey trouble continues
  • Nic’s vespa problem
  • Nic’s latest Choke Point 2.0 article
  • Did the government destroy Signature on purpose?
  • Who is the main architect of Choke Point 2.0?
  • Why was Signature closed when PacWest and First Republic were given time?
  • The Catch-22 in NY banking law
  • Who has recourse in the Signature situation?
  • Why we won’t be going offshore
  • The SEC announces charges against Justin Sun and celebrity endorsers
  • The SEC sends Coinbase a Wells Notice
  • FTX creditors recoup $460m from Modulo Capital
  • Reps Emmer and Soto introduce the Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act
  • The White House report is hostile to crypto
  • Matt’s Hong Kong conspiracy theory
  • Is the EU racing ahead of the US in terms of regulation?
  • The XRP case is nearing summary judgment
  • Bitwise announces their futures ETF $BITC
  • We read some of our podcast reviews

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