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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jan 12, 2024

Matt and Nic are back for a historic week in the history of Bitcoin. In this episode:

  • Spot ETF approved and starts trading
  • Why day 1 flows might disappoint but longer term flows could materialize
  • Day 1 price action review
  • The GBTC conversion effect
  • ETF scoreboard after one day of launch
  • The SEC’s multiple SNAFUS in their ETF launch
  • Gensler’s grudging approval and his questionable logic
  • Commissioner Crenshaw’s dissent
  • Gensler may have made a strategic mistake in his dissent
  • Prospects for an ETH ETF
  • What’s next for the Bloomberg ETF boys
  • Did Bitcoin change tradfi
  • Fidelity is harvesting goodwill
  • ETF fee review

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