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On The Brink with Castle Island

Apr 21, 2023

Matt and Nic are back with another week of news and deals. In this episode: 

  • We debate some curious new sponsors
  • The Miami gas shortage
  • Nic’s impressions of NFT NYC
  • We review Eric’s Orb
  • When do Harberger taxes work?
  • CIV is hiring
  • The SEC is suing Bittrex and alleges that Algorand and Dash are unregistered securities
  • Gensler is skewered by Republican lawmakers in the House Financial Services hearing
  • Gensler refuses to answer whether Ethereum is a security
  • We review the House hearing on stablecoins
  • The McHenry Waters stablecoin bill appears to be dead
  • Does FedNow make stablecoins obsolete?
  • Should stablecoin issuance be limited to banks?
  • A stablecoin catch-22
  • Hester Peirce dissents on the proposed SEC exchange rule

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