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On The Brink with Castle Island

Mar 8, 2024

Nic and Matt return for a week of blockbuster price action and new ATHs. In this episode: 

  • ETF flows recap
  • Warren favorite Katie Porter loses her primary in CA
  • Super Tuesday recap 
  • Are crypto PACs working? 
  • Why the Ohio senate race matters for crypto 
  • State AGs amicus brief in Kraken v SEC
  • The WSJ is accused of defamation in their Tether coverage
  • Were Signature and Silvergate wrongly accused? 
  • Arizona state Senate considers adding Bitcoin to state reserves
  • Saylor buys Bitcoin 
  • SEC comissioners Pierce and Uyeda write an entertaining dissent in the Shapeshift case 
  • Is Prometheum the SEC's patsy? 
  • Nic reviews ETH Denver
  • How priced in in the Halving? 

Sponsor notes: 

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