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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jul 24, 2020

Matt and Nic review the stories of the week. Covered in this episode:

  • Why holding Bitcoin in banks isn't necessarily contrary to the nature of Bitcoin
  • VALR, a South African exchange, raises $3.45m from 100x Group and others
  • The OCC's bombshell letter saying that banks can custody cryptocurrency
  • What this means for established crypto custodians
  • Follow-up questions we have for the OCC
  • Hester Pierce expresses her disappointment with the outcome of the Telegram case
  • Standard Chartered working on cryptoasset custody
  • Paypal partnering with Paxos
  • Coinbase blacklists the Twitter hacker addresses
  • Our explanation of what's going on with Ampleforth
  • The potential pro-Bitcoin regulatory troika in the US