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On The Brink with Castle Island

Sep 29, 2021

In this episode, Chris Maurice, co-founder and CEO of pan-African crypto platform Yellow Card, joined us to talk about his background, the business, and the state of crypto adoption in Africa. The company's goal is to provide a seamless on and off ramp to anyone in Africa. We also discuss:
  • Yellow Card's recently announced fundraise
  • The diversity in culture, language, history, and economy across the 54 countries in the region and why Yellow Card is on a pan-African journey

  • The popular use cases for crypto in the region, including as a savings and transaction tool for individuals and businesses

  • The challenges Yellow Card faces in driving crypto adoption in the region and what the firm can do to address them

  • The details about Yellow Card's recent raise and the future of the company

Based on this conversation with Chris, it's clear that crypto provides fundamental utility beyond speculation in the region that rings true to the ethos on which this industry was built.

Sponsor notes 

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