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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jun 14, 2021

In our second OTB AMA, we field questions from Brink Nation. In this episode: 

  • What other countries are good candidates to ratify Bitcoin next?
  • What are the prospects for DeFi on Bitcoin?
  • Is price to hashrate a viable ratio to use to value bitcoin?
  • Will other countries follow El Salvador's lead in light of the pushback from the IMF?
  • Who will win Euro2020?
  • Are ransomware attacks good because they will get directors to add Bitcoin to corporate balance sheets "just in case"?
  • Will users eventually hold their bitcoin through banks?
  • What is missing to make lightning workable?
  • Why do people allocate energy cost pro rata across bitcoin transactions?
  • Matt's turkey update
  • Stablecoin yields as an attractive product for corporate treasuries?
  • Why doesn't bitcoin just increase the block size?
  • Our takes on DAOs
  • What govt action could turn bitcoiners into dissidents?
  • Our proposed improvements for twitter spaces

Sponsor notes: 

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