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On The Brink with Castle Island

Nov 18, 2022

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Matt’s blog post, ‘It’s Time to Grow Up’
  • The Alameda - FTX relationship was always sketchy
  • Would FTX ever have been able to go public?
  • Why don’t we have decent disclosure for token emissions?
  • How do we put this crisis to use?
  • John Ray’s Day 1 filing about the state of affairs at FTX
  • So what in the hell happened to the client funds at FTX?
  • Will funds donated to politicians be clawed back?
  • What’s wrong with utilitarianism?
  • How effective altruism is like Stalinism
  • One theory on how Alameda lost money on Luna
  • Some lending firms kicked out Alameda after the summer credit crisis
  • Is Serum forking out coins which are due to FTX creditors?
  • Why has the DOJ been so passive so far?
  • We introduce some new bad boys
  • Su Zhu and Kyle are trying to redeem themselves
  • Do Kyle and Su have a new venture underway?
  • Rep. Tom Emmer is elected as the GOP Whip in the House
  • Will the Republican led House subpoena Gensler?

Content mentioned in this episode:

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