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On The Brink with Castle Island

Dec 20, 2022

Minnesota Representative and newly elected House Whip Tom Emmer joins the show for a discussion of the FTX fallout, the House hearings, the SEC’s behavior throughout the process, and developments in the House looking ahead to 2023.

  • Rep. Emmer’s thoughts on the House hearing with John Ray
  • How the FTX collapse was about a failure of centralization
  • How the timing of the SBF arrest was not coincidental - and who had an incentive to stop SBF testifying
  • Why the Bahamian authorities may not have wanted SBF to testify
  • The meaning of Rep. Emmer’s march letter to Gensler and the SEC
  • Chairman Gensler’s role in the FTX scandal
  • Has Gensler been concealing his calendar from the public?
  • Gensler’s poor track record over the crypto crisis
  • Oddly close links between SEC Chair Gensler, FTX, and subsidiary exchange IEX
  • House Republicans will gain the subpoena authority in the next legislative session and what they will do with it
  • What are some of Emmer’s responsibilities in his new role as Majority Whip? The importance of Rep. McHenry taking charge of the House financial services committee
  • What are the prospects for stablecoin legislation?
  • McHenry’s likely crypto agenda for the new session
  • Rep. Emmer’s commitment to financial privacy
  • Senator Warren’s draft legislation and risks to the crypto ecosystem
  • The importance of Rep. Emmer’s Securities Clarity Act
  • Modernizing a securities regulation regime for crypto
  • How are Rep. Emmer’s colleagues reacting to the FTX crisis
  • The role of journalists in assessing the FTX situation

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