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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jan 25, 2021

Economics professor at Charles University Ladislav Krištoufek joins us for a discussion centered on his new paper, On the Role of Stablecoins in Cryptoasset Pricing Dynamics. In this episode: 

  • How Ladislav began covering crypto markets in 2013
  • Ladislav's research agenda as it pertains to the crypto markets
  • Why the quality of so much Bitcoin academia is dubious
  • The academic-practitioner gap and how to close it
  • How Ladislav came to write his newest paper
  • Methodological details
  • How to interpret the findings in the paper
  • Whether issuance of stablecoins affects the price of bitcoin
  • Ladislav's critiques of the Griffin and Shams paper
  • Key takeaways from Ladislav's paper
  • Ladislav's ultimate explanation for stablecoin issuance
  • Other papers Ladislav recommends on stablecoins

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