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On The Brink with Castle Island

Nov 16, 2020

Parker Lewis, head of Business Development at Unchained Capital, and author of the Gradually then Suddenly series, joins the show. In this episode: 

  • Parker's progress in our Bitcoin fantasy league
  • Our views on how Bitcoin gives purpose
  • Bitcoin's relationship to the prospects for fiscal spending
  • How the virus may have been an excuse to extend the fragile credit system
  • Why Covid-related spending is often framed in moral, rather than economic terms
  • How Bitcoin eschews academic debates
  • Unchained's mission and current product focus
  • Why on-chain multisig is such a good blend of resilience and convenience
  • What multisig enables in terms of bitcoin applications
  • What credit in a Bitcoin economy looks like
  • Bitcoin as a corporate treasury asset and how Unchained is building for that future
  • Why Bitcoin custody is fundamentally hard
  • Parker's feelings on avowed Bitcoiner Cynthia Lummis being elected to the Senate
  • How Bitcoin aligns with American values
  • Parker's favorite piece in his Gradually then Suddenly series