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On The Brink with Castle Island

Jun 22, 2020

Noah Buxton, director and co-lead of Armanino's blockchain practice and Jeremy Nau, senior manager of the practice join the show. Armanino LLP is an accounting and audit firm that has developed proof of reserve tools for exchanges and custodians, as well as real time attestation tools for stablecoins. In this episode, we cover: 

  • How Armanino came to engage with crypto financial companies
  • Why Proof of Reserve matters to the industry
  • How a modern Proof of Reserve process is mechanically carried out
  • Why exchanges are looking to adopt PoR today
  • Why the first round of PoR didn't stick
  • Why the Liability side is so tricky
  • Why involve an auditor in a PoR process
  • Whether PoR inherently requires an audit or accounting firm
  • Proof of Reserve as a way to avoid onerous regulation
  • Armanino's real time assurance tool for Trust Token