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On The Brink with Castle Island

Apr 17, 2023

Eric Wall is a cryptocurrency researcher, analyst, critic, and investor. In this episode we sit down to discuss the creation and premise of his new project, the Orb

  • What is the orb?
  • How did the orb come about?
  • How to bet on the human capital and reputational growth of individuals
  • Why previous social tokens failed
  • What does the orb entitle you to?
  • Why the orb is not a security
  • Harberger taxes and their implementations so far
  • How harberger taxes create better allocative efficiency
  • Harberger taxes and domain names
  • The problem with social tokens as a way to invest in people
  • Why an obligation to a single holder is better than one to many holders
  • Eric’s feud with the Hex community and how the rb could solve this
  • Possible orb failure modes
  • Possible AI issues with the orb
  • Why orb issuers have an incentive to provide value to holders
  • The possible role of orbs in venture capital
  • How the orb could disrupt expert networks
  • How to parameterize the orb
  • The significance of the orb animations

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