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On The Brink with Castle Island

Dec 30, 2020

Brian Venturo is the CTO of CoreWeave, the largest North American GPU miner, which also doubles as a cloud infrastructure firm for general computation. In this episode: 

  • How Brian went from hobbyist Ethereum mining to wielding a fleet of 50,000 GPUs
  • How Core Weave was able to cheaply acquire GPUs from insolvent mining farms
  • The implications of the Ethereum DAG file growing beyond 4 GB and its effect on miners
  • The effect of the looming PoS transition on miner decision-making
  • Why Core Weave specifically limited their GPU fleet to NVIDIAs with more memory
  • Brian's stance on Ethereum's transition to Proof of Stake
  • Are miners pro-cyclical or counter-cyclical?
  • Does Core Weave hold inventory in the coins they mine or do they divest them immediately?
  • Brian's options based model for pricing hardware
  • The mini gold rush happening in publicly traded mining firms
  • Brian's opinion on hashrate swaps or derivatives
  • How Core Weave is transitioning from purely mining based to public cloud services
  • The feasibility of GPU miners moving into cloud computing
  • Core Weave's plans to train an open source version of GPT-3
  • Brian's view of the role of miners in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • The motivations behind monetary-related EIPs in Ethereum
  • Brian's analysis of incentives to make Ethereum deflationary
  • Why Proof of Work is an underrated distribution method
  • Brian's position on increasing the gas limit
  • Why tinkering with the fee market is counterproductive in terms of transactional efficiency
  • The relationship between blockspace and fee revenue for miners
  • Brian's thoughts on EIP 1559 and whether it increases Ethereum's security
  • Brian's view on the pace of ethereum development
  • Why Proof of Work launches are preferable to liquidity mining launches
  • The current state of the ASIC v GPU debate
  • Brian's retrospective on the Grin launch
  • Why Core Weave is not interested in miner-extractable value (MEV)

Sponsor notes: 

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