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On The Brink with Castle Island

Aug 31, 2020

Aditya Palepu and Frédéric Fortier, the cofounders of DerivaDEX, join the show to talk about DEXes and prospects for their future development, and to introduce their own project. In this episode: 

  • How Adi and Fred chose to build a Dex
  • Why traders tend to love Dexes despite their shortcomings
  • Dexes versus noncustodial exchanges
  • Adi and Fred's Dex taxonomy and where they fit into that
  • How Derivadex plans to decentralize the operation of their orderbook
  • Are today's AMM-style Dexes sufficient?
  • How the Derivadex team is thinking about the shape of the liquidity mining distribution curve
  • How the distribution curve actually affects which users end up owning a piece of the DAO
  • Why Derivadex struck a more pragmatic approach than certain other Dexes – and how they're going after CeFi users
  • Why the team opted for USDT as the default collateral type
  • The lessons Derivadex took from the MakerDAO exploit
  • Their approach to capitalizing an insurance fund

For more, see this introduction to DerivaDEX.